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"Our family serving yours"



Company Philosophy

Courtesy Ambulance is committed to excelling in medical transportation not only in a technological and logistical sense, but also, and more importantly, in the level of quality, safety and care that we provide. Courtesy Ambulance was established in 1971 as a transportation provider that is patient focused with regards to emergency and non-emergency transport and strives to exude that both on the road as well as at the patients' beside. Our goal is to exceed industry expectations by offering high quality patient care coupled with superior customer service. We ensure that all of our clinicians are well trained, competent EMS providers who provide care and compassion to the patients, families, and the communities for which they serve. It is our intent to demonstrate to you the value that can be achieved by aligning with our organization for all your transportation needs. We possess the resources and expertise to provide your transportation services in a manner that is geographically sensible, technologically processive, and educationally advanced; while remaining fiscally responsible and operationally sound. 

Courtesy Ambulance was founded in 1971 and we are owned and operated by the second generation of the same family.

We  have maintained a physical location in this county for over 50 years. Our owners and most of our staff live in Licking County. We do business with local vendors and our taxes and revenue stay in our community. 

We are a vetted provider with Ohio Medical Transportation, dba Medflight of Ohio. Our partnership with MedFlight began over 20 years ago and has grown to include MICU units. In addition to MedFlight of Ohio, Courtesy Ambulance is also working with MedCare. 

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Courtesy Ambulance offers multiple transport options including Wheelchair/Ambulette as well as Emergency and Non-Emergency Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) units. Courtesy Ambulance is Inspected and Licensed by The Ohio State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services. 


Our Trucks and Equipment

Courtesy Ambulance ensures that our vehicles are kept safe and road worthy by adhering to a structured maintenance schedule. A truck inspection process is performed at the start of every shift to ensure that all units are fully stocked, fully fueled and transport ready prior to facilitation of any patient transports. A maintenance process is in place for crew members to instantly report any vehicular issues with our management to allow for immediate investigation and repair. Any vehicle that is not 100% compliant does not go on the road. Safety of our crews and patients is our number one concern and is not negotiable. 

Our Crews

Courtesy currently employs certified EMT's and Paramedics who, in addition to state-required continuing education, are provided with supplementary courses that focus on the safe operation of emergency vehicles EMERGENCY VEHICLE OPERATOR COURSE (EVOC) and training in the operation of special equipment. 

In addition to ensured clinical aptitude, our caring and experienced staff is subject to additional training in customer service and diversity as well as advanced documentation and HIPPA compliance. Our crew members are held to the highest standards in our industry with accountability being a huge focus. Crew quality and behavior is monitored by using performance trends derived from various times tracked throughout each and every call. We say with confidence that our crews offer paramount performance because of this attention to personal accountability. 



Better Care Starts with You!
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